Remember, just breathe

Remember, just breathe

A few weeks ago I got an Apple Watch. One of the reasons I wanted to get the watch was to more closely monitor my physical activity. The watch can keep track of how many steps I take each day and give me more information about my exercise habits.

One of the main features of the Apple Watch is that notifications for things like emails, texts, calendar events and social media come across the face of the watch. There are even reminders encouraging you to keep moving in order to meet your fitness goals.

Like with every new device, there are always lots of new features to explore, many of which I don’t know exist until I accidentally come across them. One feature that stuck out to me was the Breathe app.

I was so intrigued by these notifications that kept popping up on my watch that I decided to pay a little more attention to them.

The first time my watch buzzed to remind me to breathe I was sitting at my dining room table filling in my agenda for the upcoming month so I could give my employer my availability.

I had play practice, concerts, college interviews and open house and school deadlines. I was feeling pretty overwhelmed. When the notification came across my watch, I remember pausing and thinking, “I probably should take a deep breath and try to relax.”

The next day, I got a notification while studying for a difficult math test.

My first thought was that the Breathe app was connected to the heart monitoring app, but after looking into it, I learned my watch had been set to automatically notify me to breathe twice a day. More often than not, though, the notifications come at times when I’m a little stressed. This made me realize that I should take more time out of my day to breathe.

I can honestly say that after being mindful of these breathing notifications, I do a better job of staying calm in stressful situations, and I am much less overwhelmed by tasks that normally made me stressed. I look forward to getting the breathe notification because it’s almost like there’s a little person with me, supporting me to stay calm and be the best that I can.

It’s like having an accountability partner, and I know it may sound silly, but it puts a smile on my face to get the notification. I automatically start to feel more relaxed and enjoy life just a little bit more, no matter how stressed I was.

— Griess is a senior at Williamsport Area High School. Her column is published in the Education section. She can be reached at education@