West Branch School to perform ‘Peter Pan and Wendy’

15 students write from a character’s perspective in Neverland

This year, students at West Branch School will perform the timeless classic “Peter Pan and Wendy” by J.M. Barrie at the Community Theatre League, March 8 to 10. After analyzing J.M. Barrie’s use of language throughout the play, students chose a moment from Neverland to zoom into, emulating Barrie’s style and techniques to create a descriptive, small moment from a specific character’s perspective. We hope you enjoy delving into the imaginations of Neverland!


Tink darted quickly in front of Peter’s lips and saw the poisoned medicine. It was dark, and smelled of something burning. She choked it down and gagged. It was awful, sweet and bitter. She uttered a small gasp, then slowly floated to the ground with a sigh. Peter saw her, and ran sadly to her side, crying desperately for her to come back.

— Natalie Morris, 10, as Curly.

Peter Pan the Avenger

The crocodile floated menacingly under the dark Jolly Roger. It smacked its slobbery lips. Its eyes flashed hungrily. It knew Hook would be coming. Yes, soon the tasty pirate would fall over the slimy deck into the crocodile’s awaiting jaws. And it knew who would have launched Hook, too: Peter Pan the avenger. The one who had given it the taste for Hook so long ago. The crocodile thanked Pan.

— Rowan Goldsmith, 8, as Peter Pan.


Way off in the distance, a ship that had the power of twenty lions was making its way across the neverending sea. If you got a little closer to that ship, you could see a man; that man looked as small as a mouse! But, that man was Captain James Hook, a ruthless pirate of the Jolly Roger! He trod the old, slimy deck of the ship in thought, his long red cloak trailing behind him. Suddenly, there was a “tick, tock, tick, tock” and Hook scurried into his big shiny wooden cabin!

— Linah van Emrick, 11, as Dr. Darling, Hook.

A long fight

Hook’s ship was soaked and wet with moss growing on it like it was trying to swallow the ship, a green monster floating in the sea. Peter Pan had just swiftly flown onto Hook’s ship. But Hook wasn’t letting that happen. They fought for so long it was like playing the same video over and over again. Until Hook fell in terror right into the crocodile’s monstrous mouth.

— Brady Stetter, 12, as Starkey.

Tiger Lily

Tiger Lily was trapped! The scratchy, uncomfortable rope was tied around her hands and ankles. Tiger Lily was as wiggly as a worm trying to escape. She wanted to cry out, but that wouldn’t help. Then, she overheard the evil Hook saying to let her free! Her eyes went wide and her mouth dropped. She dove into the water and happily swam away.

— Lydia Gehron, 10, as Mrs. Darling, Jukes, Tiger Lily and Never Bird.

The lost boy Tootles

Tootles, a lost boy of Neverland, eyes a twitching, unsuspecting rabbit from behind a large blackberry bush in the deep, dark woods. He quickly notches an arrow made of elm, that he himself had crafted, to his bow. Squinting, Tootles pulls back on his bowstring. When he lets go, the arrow soars rapidly towards its target. It collides with so much force, the dead rabbit is sent flying backwards into an old tree.

— Eleanor Handley, 11 , Tootles.

Dancing on the Jolly Roger

Smee, the funniest pirate, was freely dancing and shaking his rump in the darkest corner of the Jolly Roger so nobody would see the treasure he just found. Suddenly, the door creaked open. Then, the savage captain, Hook, crept into the room. Hook started to stomp into the dark corner and Smee froze mid-shake.

— Bryce Barr, 11, as Smee.

Soaring through the sky

Peter got a running start and lunged! Then he quickly leapt over the windowsill. He spread his arms and pushed off the window and soared through the deep blue sky. He appeared to be a lilliputian sparkly green star in the sky. Jane watched in amusement and tried to repeat. Wendy looked on dreadfully. The scene was heartbreaking.

— Maryam Zeshan, 8, as Nibs.

Looking out

The fierce Hook looked through his black and silver telescope that was covered in rust from all the times he had to fish it out of the sea. He was looking for Peter Pan and the Lost Boys. Suddenly, Hook heard the tick, tick, tick of the crocodile. Then he bounded into the cabin.

— Johannes van Emrik, 9, as John.

Cleaning to pass the time

Margaret was plopped on her perfectly fixed bed. The bed was made better than ever before. You may ask, “Why?” Well, the reason was… Peter hadn’t come for spring cleaning! She thought that cleaning would pass time. Her facial expression looked like a sad mime, frozen in its position. She refused to eat, or even leave her room. The only time she would eat was if Jane, her mother, brought the food to her.

— Ella Peterson, 8, as Liza, Slightly, Jane.

Unexpected pirates

The wall erupted with dust as pebbles darted through the air. There was screeching and clashing above the house as the family watched for unexpected pirates. The pirates and the Tigerlilies were having a war. Slowly, the wall stopped rumbling as pebbles settled on the floor. Assuming that it was safe, the children ran out the door. But it wasn’t safe at all.

— Serin Heller, 7, as Michael.

A good shot

A Wendy Bird was in the sky. Tink, a mischievous fairy, called, “Peter wants you to kill it!” Tootles raced for his bow at the thought. Tootles was a pretty good aimer. Still all the boys cheered as loud as a siren. Tootles shot Wendy, a perfect aim that was fantastic. “Peter will be so pleased with me!” shouted Tootles. He had lots of pride. His eyes were wide and he acted as if he had practiced before. Tootles hid his excitement when he saw Wendy flutter down to the ground like a ribbon.

— Abby Brass, 9, as Twin 2.

Looking for a pearl

Wendy is searching for seashells and pearls. Her eyes were open wide and her hands were feeling under the water like little crabs at the rocky and sandy Mermaid’s Lagoon. And then she found a pearl and she was so happy. Her face had a big smile and she felt so proud of herself.

— Vienna Trojan, 8, as Twin 1.

Some students even decided to create their own Neverland.

Leader of the Lost Girls

Rockia stared at the little boy, no older than 8, standing at the mouth of her cave. He had yellow curls stuffed under a green hat and a sweet, small face. He stared at her and she stared back like she was seeing the world for the first time. “Who are you?” she breathed.

Then suddenly standing erect, her gaze no longer awestruck but fierce, like an eagle eyeing an intruder, she pointed her sword at him and added, “And what are you doing in my house?”

If the boy was scared, he didn’t show it.

“I am Peter Pan, leader of the lost boys.” Rockia’s gaze softened a little and she lowered her sword slightly. “Rockia,” she said. “Leader of the lost girls.” And so the lost leaders met.

— Naomi Waybright, 10, as Wendy.

Leap like a jaguar

I sat on a large sofa and it happened. Fur sprouted from my wrists. I was howling at the moon. I grew razor teeth. I bounded through the door as fast as lightning. A young boy slashed his sword through the air, trying to impress me. I leapt like a jaguar.

— Jack McChesney, 9, as Nana, Cecco and Cookson.