A series of ‘lasts,’ school plays, musicals and winter formals

The PMEA Regional Chorus festival was held in Canton last week. When it was over, my high school choir director asked me, “How does it feel to be done competing in PMEA?”

It’s funny how this seemingly benign question caught me off guard. I tried to answer his question by saying, “What do you mean? I still have the All-East festival in a few weeks.”

“That will be different,” he said. “This was your last PMEA festival.”

This was my third year participating in the Regional festival, so I pretty much knew what to expect. I had already experienced that nervous feeling in my stomach when listening to the names of the All-State qualifiers being read in the years past. This year I was much more relaxed because I knew I had already made it to All-East, therefore I was not eligible for All-State. It was nice to not be a ball of nerves from the time I got to the festival until the first four chairs were announced, but I wish I would’ve maybe relished the moment a little bit more.

When I look back at the last few months, I realize I have experienced many significant “lasts.” I was in my last school play, last school musical, and I went to my last winter formal. Next weekend I will go to my last chorus festival. School activities have kept me busy all through high school. I went from one to the next, even doing some of them simultaneously. But now, things are beginning to wind down, and I have to begin to face the fact that it will all come to an end soon.

I knew I would be sad after “Mamma Mia!;” that was a once in a lifetime opportunity. After I finished the last note in my solo on opening night, I stood there facing the audience until the spotlight went out. During the song, I had to pretend to cry, but it wasn’t hard to do that night.

After the show my sister was crying, too. I just assumed it was because the end of the show was very emotional. But that wasn’t it.

“This is your last show,” she said.

I did a good job of enjoying the moment that weekend; I knew what a special opportunity this was. But that moment at the regional festival made me realize, there will be lots of smaller moments that will help enhance the end of my senior year.

It’s easy to get ahead of ourselves because we are looking forward to prom, graduation, and being done with school all together, but there will be lots of little moments that could just pass us by that I will try to look for and appreciate.

There will be time to relish and enjoy all the moments when I am in college, so I need to take the time now and live in the moment. I won’t get this time back.