Music students head to Disney

Music students head to Disney

Williamsport Area High School music department students are preparing for a trip to Orlando, Florida, to perform at Walt Disney World. Choir, orchestra and band students are all individually performing popular songs for other visitors at Disney World.

“I am most excited to perform at a new venue and make memories with my friends,” said Zoe Wagner, junior.

The students are staying at Pop Century Disney Resort. Students have been fundraising and saving money since last year for the trip.

Some of the songs being performed include “New York, New York” and “Great American Cowboy.” The choir is performing the German piece “Vierlidunzfreein.”

“I also went on this trip as a freshman. That was my first time at Disney. I look forward to being in Disney again and being with my friends from last time and as well as all of the new students,” said Levi Roush, senior.

Sophomore Zola Daverio is also attending the trip and is grateful for the opportunities the music department at Williamsport has given her.

“Being a part of the music department has given me so many chances to travel as well as perform. I have performed at the White House with Les Chanteuse a cappella group, and now I have the opportunity to fly to Florida and perform with my choir,” Daverio said.