Students attend annual SADD conference

Students attend annual SADD conference

Six students from the Williamsport Area High School recently attended the annual SADD Conference. Approximately 230 students from schools around the area gathered at Penn College for guest speakers, trivia games and information sessions.

“There was a lot of information presented at the conference,” said Maya Trump. “They covered topics like tobacco use, alcohol, drugs and even car safety that focused on new drivers. One of the presenters talked about an initiative to raise the age from 18 to 21 for people to buy tobacco. They explained how tobacco use is on the rise at a very alarming rate,” Trump elaborated.

For this reason, Williamsport SADD students have made one of their main goals to curb student tobacco use, particularly juuling, which is one of the latest electronic substitutes to traditional cigarettes.

“It’s about finding creative ways to reach students who may be susceptible to the problem or the issue,” said Pat Gerrity, sophomore.

“Another speaker explained how his morals were tested as an adolescent, and he was helping by sharing his story, others didn’t fall into the same trap,” Gerrity added.

Trump, like several other SADD members, is also a member of Youth Development Task Force (YDTF). This student-run organization aims to identify and address problems facing the area’s teenage population.

“Our primary goal is to get established in the elementary and middle schools. We think high school is a little too late to start educating students about destructive decisions, and we are hoping to help students avoid making choices they regret,” Trump said.