Middle school IMPACT groups

Middle school IMPACT groups

Within the Loyalsock Township School District, there is an abundance of middle schoolers that improve the school and the community. The group, known as IMPACT, mainly focuses on either building a skill or running fundraisers for charities. These IMPACTs are monitored by teachers associated with what the group is attempting to achieve. For example, the school’s shop teacher, Mr. Baker, runs an IMPACT educating students on how to use power tools, and eventually, build a working wooden car.

Another helpful IMPACT would be the coding group. In recent years, coding has become a titanic job market. With an average salary of $82,000 in 2017, and still increasing, the coding industry is transforming into a very competitive world. The coding group must design a robot, code into it certain actions and repeat. Eventually, the group plans to take its final product to a competition where they’ll compete in a series of challenges to test the group’s ability to code. Working on a project with a deadline, this IMPACT group’s members learn about getting the task at hand done quickly and efficiently. When asked how this class may assist them in the future, the students responded with possible plans of entering engineering, inventing and designing.

The school district’s most notable IMPACT would have to be the yearbook group. Now the winner of three awards for an outstanding yearbook (National Yearbook Program of Excellence), the yearbook is one way that students can express themselves to others outside the school district.

A few more creative IMPACTs include Lancer Chefs (culinary), Crochet, iRun (fundraiser for girls in need) and Pay it Forward (various tasks including helping endangered species and collecting money to build wells in South Sudan).

All these programs are overseen by the Advisory Council. The council is in charge of managing money for the IMPACT groups and deciding whether or not to fulfill a request.

Over the past two years, IMPACT has expanded tremendously. The effect of the program can be seen through such works as the Literary Magazine, experienced through an upcoming 5K and tasted through food prepared by a member from the culinary group. Once these students are out of the house, the skills they learn from these groups just might allow them to make an astounding impact.

— Pulizzi is an eighth-grade student at Loyalsock Township Middle School