South Williamsport’s Million Mountie Lights Awards

‘I don’t volunteer for the recognition, I do it because it needs done’

Kathie Sinibaldi was recognized with the Million Mountie Lights Award for her giving heart and dedication to the South Williamsport borough on May 6 during the South Williamsport Area School Board meeting.

Twice a year the school board recognizes individuals who have made a significant contribution to the district that had a positive impact on learning, students or community educational opportunities. Award winners are chosen by members of the board.

Her neighbor, Mary Geise, saw the time and effort Sinibaldi put in to giving back to the community and helping out at the South Williamsport Jr./Sr. High School, where her son is a senior. In her nomination form, Geise said, her kind deeds come from her heart, which makes her truly deserving of the award. Through all of her volunteer ventures, her main focus is to improve the lives of all people in South Williamsport.

“It means so much to me that I was nominated,” she said. “I don’t volunteer for the recognition, I do it because it needs done.”

One of her passions is being an advisor on the Lycoming County Youth Development Task Force. For two years she has seen motivated students from all local school districts work together to make a difference in the lives of young people.

“It’s an amazing group of kids that come together to get things done,” she said. “They take a topic that is important to them, such as suicide prevention, and come up with ways… to further their mission in their respective schools.”

She is inspired and proud of the students’ determination to make a change in the community. Sinibaldi serves as the vice president of the South Williamsport Education Foundation where she is able to make a tangible difference in the school district.

“Improving our schools and doing things for our teachers and kids is important to me,” she said.

She helped create the Inspire Grant which brings teachers’ and students’ innovative ideas to life to inspire others in the school district or community. This year a teacher received $1,000 to do a drone project with their students and the Kindness Rocks Club received $500 to build a small community library.

Over the past five years, Sinibaldi has devoted herself to the South Williamsport Community Park Improvement Association where she played an integral part in the tennis court and Lions Baseball Field projects which involved fundraising and manual labor to accomplish.

After the original tennis courts had been removed, she and a group of passionate community members began discussing how they could bring them back. Together they raised around $250,000 to build brand new courts for the community to utilize.

“The tennis courts are something that people of all ages can use for fun and exercise,” she said. “The more things that community members have to do, the better.”

Whether it’s working at the concession stand during her son’s basketball game or decorating for a school dance, Sinibaldi is there to lend a helping hand.

— Nominations for Million Mountie Lights Award for the fall are open now until Sept. 30. For a nomination form, please visit www.swasd.org General Information, Millions Mountie Lights.