WAHS students attend Trump’s Presidential rally

WAHS students attend Trump’s Presidential rally

Students from Williamsport Area High School took advantage of a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity: Seeing the President of the United States in person. Whether they planned on attending the rally, watching it on TV or knew someone going, the talk in school on Monday was all about President Donald Trump coming to the Williamsport area.

“I didn’t really think it was true when I first heard Trump was coming here. Our area isn’t really that big of a place. So learning that it was real, I felt really excited that someone as important as the President was coming here,” said Austyn Levano, senior.

After driving through a traffic-packed Montoursville Friday afternoon, I wondered how a small town would accommodate all the people coming to see the President. I knew this would be a really big deal for our area, but after hearing about how early people were going to wait in line and how many of my peers planned to go, I knew this would be something we would remember forever.

“Having a President come to our area is rare and such an awesome moment to experience. Whether you support him or not, I think it’s still good to go out and at least witness the President,” said Chris Frey, senior.

While waiting for Trump, the rally was full of good energy and there was music playing, like “The Eye of the Tiger,” and the crowd cheering, said Devin Gray, senior. As the president neared, there were reports as to when the President was expected to land and the his altitude, added Aislyn Stahl, junior.

“Once we saw his plane, everyone went wild,” Gray said. “To see the President of the United States in person is one of the best things I have experienced.”

Finally, after the long wait, the President was here and “walked out of the plane and up to the podium,” Stahl said

“As soon as Trump came out I couldn’t believe I was actually there and so close to the President. It felt like I was still at home just watching on TV at some points,” said Alicia Meyers, senior.

“There was a good crowd of people all ages. There were older people, high school and college students and even young kids. There were kids on their parents’ shoulders taking pictures and videos. The babies were even dressed in red,” Gray said.

Surprised both by the number of people in the local area at the rally and to see other people her age, junior Janna Seyler said that strangers were approaching her and her friends telling them that they are “the future of America.”

Michael Cendoma, sophomore, thought Trump’s visit was particularly good “politically and strategically,” he said, adding that student involvement “is great because they are the next generation of voters.”

“I think that students getting involved is a great thing. I believe that the more educated you are about these things, the better off our country is as a whole,” said Jaiden Kinley, sophomore.


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