Dean attends residency program

LOCK HAVEN — Earlier this year, Dr. Kyoko Amano, dean of the College of Liberal Arts and Education at Lock Haven University, and her husband, Tom Weller, both attended a weeklong residency program at Pentaculum at Arrowmont School of the Arts and Crafts, Gatlinburg, Tennessee.

Pentaculum is an event designed to provide artists with time and space to work alongside their peers and the opportunity to strengthen and build relationships within the art and craft field. The retreat is for artists who work with ceramics, fibers and textiles, metals, 2-D arts and wood and sculpture, as well as writers.

“The Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts gave me an incredible opportunity to learn from artists who work in various disciplines,” Amano said. “And they were an incredibly kind audience when I read my creative nonfiction piece one evening. There were positive creative energies all around and just watching other artists work, talking to them and living with them without worrying about daily things, gave me time, creative energy and structure to be productive.”

Amano’s scholarly and creative interests include peace studies and she has been published in New Madrid magazine. She was named the 16th peace ambassador by the city of Nagasaki and is working on a book about atomic bomb literature designed for the Japanese audience.

Weller is the author of a collection of short stories, “Noah Filkins is an Amazing Lover,” which includes stories inspired by Guinness World Records and is a former factory worker, Peace Corps volunteer, planned parenthood sexuality educator and is a writing teacher at Pennsylvania College of Technology.

For more information about Pentaculum, visit www.arrowmont.org/events/pentaculum/.