Penn College, Volvo continue student-centered aid

A equipment loan for a Volvo EC220 excavator has been made available through the end of the Fall 2019 semester and already has seen considerable use by students in the summer operations classes at Pennsylvania College of Technology in thanks to Volvo Construction Equipment, facilitated by Highway Equipment & Supply Co.

The machinery is stationed at the college’s heavy equipment operations site in Brady Township, and instructors Ryan Peck and Chris Weaver — both Penn College alumni — said 80 percent of the three-dozen students enrolled there will have “seat time” opportunity in the coming months.

“It gives our students experience and familiarity with the Volvo brand while helping to increase their operations skills,” said Elizabeth Biddle, the college’s director of corporate relations.

The excavator is emblematic of the well-established and mutually beneficial link between the college and Highway Equipment, a relationship that has resulted in the career-building recruitment of heavy construction equipment interns and graduates.

Between the students’ strong Penn College education and their internship experience, she explained, Highway Equipment deems them “career-ready.”

“As our workforce ages and no longer wants to turn wrenches, we need a pipeline of career-ready technicians in place to combine what they learned at Penn College with the knowledge they’ll gain from working beside our seasoned technicians,” said Jennifer Nauss, Highway Equipment’s human resources, marketing and communications manager. “While it’s a race against our competitors to get Penn College interns, once we have them, they get to experience firsthand that their career is not just about a paycheck; they experience the difference a company culture makes. We get to see the students’ level of commitment, work ethic and how much they applied themselves in school.”