122 books awarded to elementary libraries

122 books awarded to elementary libraries

The Williamsport Area School District Education Foundation (WASDEF) announced its distribution of 122 brand new books to the elementary library system as part of its annual Building Libraries Through Literacy Program.

The books were granted to the same amount of elementary students who participated in and completed the district-led “Millionaires Read” and James V. Brown Library summer reading programs.

Each book is dedicated to a summer reader on a nameplate on the inside cover that will now line the shelves in his or her respective school library for years to come.

This year’s recognition also included the provision of $5 gift cards donated by Otto Bookstore to each of the students to put toward the purchase of a book to help them build their own home libraries, said Greg Hayes, WASDEF executive director.

“The foundation’s goal with this program is to not only promote and encourage summer reading alongside the district but to also have students — in a way — help ‘build’ their school libraries,” Hayes said, “while also getting an opportunity to leave a legacy of sorts to future students.”

Since 2011, the education foundation’s program has helped grow the elementary library system’s inventory by more than 1,220 books — all through the reading effort put forth by students each summer.

Elementary librarian Sarah Bohnert expressed her gratitude to the foundation, noting that the Foundation “continues to make a huge difference in the lives and learning” of district students.

“Funding for this program encourages many of our students to read throughout the summer. Reading is such a powerful game changer, and it all starts with opening a book,” she said.