Jersey Shore student raises $2,585 for suicide prevention

JERSEY SHORE — What started as a theme for the 2018-19 school year for Jersey Shore Area Middle School has gained so much momentum that the building has adopted the JSAMS Come Alive! motto again for the 2019-20 academic calendar.

The notion behind the phrase is that regardless of your connection to the middle school community, all people will hopefully find what makes them Come Alive and pursue that very thing.

The middle school is investing in its relationships with others by promoting social and emotional health. Students learn how to be positive digital citizens and contributing members to the community.

Passion Projects are a way the school is helping students, and staff, find their connection to the world and how to make it a better place.

These optional projects are non-graded personal efforts to better the community, both local and at times global.

Seventh grade student, Brayden Seasholtz, wasted no time connecting his passion to the school’s community as he was an advocate for suicide prevention during September. After connecting with administration, Seasholtz held a Coin War as part of his passion project.

He made a video commercial to promote the event, planned announcements and awards for the top two homerooms. In addition, Seasholtz also tallied all the money to safely be secured and deposited.

Beyond raising funds, Seasholtz wished to help make conversations on such a challenging topic more common.

One activity used was having middle school students and staff respond to the prompt, “Tomorrow needs you because…”

The responses shared created a word cloud with the more frequently used words appearing larger in the graphic.

The word clouds are displayed around the building reminding students of their value and worth in the community.

Overall, Seasholtz passion project raised a total of $2,585. Of that, $1,815 was donated through the Coin Wars. Proceeds will benefit the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention on behalf of Seasholtz Out of the Darkness Team.