Opening up to new opportunities

Summer 2019 was quickly coming to an end and school was fast approaching. When I received an envelope with the standard top hat in the top left corner, I knew it had to be my schedule.

First, I was excited, and then I started to worry. What if I couldn’t take all the classes I wanted to take my senior year? What if there was an empty spot where a class should be?

When I tore open the envelope I was met with a glaring blank spot where my Spanish 4 class should’ve been. The previous three years I worked hard in Spanish, continuously building my knowledge of the language and culture, and planned to finish my senior year with Spanish 4. But that opportunity now seemed to vanish, and I felt demoralized.

My last hope was a trip up the hill on schedule change day to meet with my counselor who might be able to help.

I was called into the counselor’s office after waiting 45 minutes. I tried to remain hopeful that the hole in my schedule was just a mistake. The counselor searched through the master schedule in an attempt to fit all the classes I wanted to take.

Sadly, Spanish just wouldn’t fit. Instead, I had to choose from a limited number of class offerings during fourth period. I ended up taking a semester of guitar and a semester of 2D art.

I wasn’t really pleased with either. I never had any desire to learn to play the guitar, and I never took a high school art class before. Needless to say, I wasn’t looking forward to my fourth period classes.

As school started, I began my guitar class. At first, I was anything but excited, however the class surprised me. The teacher went out of his way to make students feel comfortable. He aimed to meet everyone’s needs, and he did this by working with students individually, helping them work at their own pace. I began to look forward to the class each day; I was eager to learn more about the guitar and music in general.

The biggest lesson I’ve learned, though, is that my negative attitude toward the class was unjustified. I had made up my mind before ever giving the class a chance. Going forward I will try to be more open to new opportunities, even if they result from misfortune. I guess you could call me an optimist now.


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