STEM Camp combines fun and learning

STEM Camp combines fun and learning

MUNCY — Ten teachers from the Muncy School District participated in five days of studies at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center, Maryland, this July. High school teacher Mark Kreisher and the nine elementary teachers, Kristy Rosario, Jodi Bohart, Matt Alexander, Crystal Edkin, Rob Wallis, Elizabeth McClure, Steve Haddon, Megan Morgan and Karen Worth, came together in Goddard.

While at the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, the teachers got to work with and learn about Micro-bits, Weather-bits, Weather Stations, We-Do’s (coded LEGO robots) and balloon launches. When the Muncy teachers came home they were loaded with new skills, knowledge and kits to share with students — and share they did — at the STEM Camp.

Students got to build a solar oven, LEGO robots that they then programmed and made and tested boomerangs. Students also created and tested water bottle rockets to test the aerodynamics, Lunar Buggy prototypes and a solar system scale model.

During the summer’s STEM Camp, 70 fourth- to sixth-grade students came went to the Ward. L. Myers Elementary School for a week for their chance to continue learning about science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

The supplies and studies for the students and teachers were made possible through a $35,000 PA Targeted Smart Grant.

This was the first year the Muncy School district held the STEM Camp and there were 100 openings for students, said Rob Wallis, sixth grade and STEM Camp teacher. “We expect it will be full next year” Wallis said.

Remaining funds from the grant were used to purchase STEM kits for students to use in the future.

In preparation for the 10 teachers to visit the Goddard Space Flight Center this year, Matt Alexander, elementary school librarian, went to NASA Goddard in Maryland alone the past two years.

“It was great to have so many of us go this year, and to be able to run the camp this summer.” “The best part,” Alexander said “was seeing the students succeed and have fun with the projects.”


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