Career Fair has positive impact in school community

To help familiarize students with the many opportunities offered at Williamsport Area High School and opportunities available for post-secondary education, training and the workforce after high school, the Williamsport Area Middle School held its first Career Fair. There were many representatives from local businesses, colleges, universities and the military who set up interactive booths in the gymnasium for students to visit. In addition, there were upper classmen from the high school’s Career and Technical Education program demonstrating what their programs offers.

High school student Lydia Smith attended as representative for the Health Professions program. She explained the course to the students, and demonstrated the harmful impacts of smoking with an inflatable pig’s lung.

“I love Health Professions, it has taught me so many things, and I think it’s really important for anyone interested in the medical field to see just what this amazing program has to offer,” Smith said when asked why she wanted to participate in the Career Fair.

Junior Alexander Brosan also attended as a representative for the Robotics program.

“I wanted to participate in the Career Fair to get more students interested in the Robotics program by showing off all the fun stuff we do in the course,” Brosan said.

Even though the Career Fair was for the middle school students, the high school representatives enjoyed and benefited from the experience.

“I was able to talk to … company representatives while I was down at the middle school,” Brosan said.

“I enjoyed getting to show the middle schoolers something to look forward to in high school and catering to their curiosity, while exposing the opportunities that health professions have to offer,” Smith said.

The middle school is hoping to do the Career Fair again because of the positive feedback from the students and representatives.

“The students were definitely interested, having a lung that pumps up added to that interest for sure, but all in all, the whole day was positive,” Smith said.


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