Play Monopoly, learn the basics of accounting

Play Monopoly, learn the basics of accounting

Mrs. Weaver’s Accounting I students are working on a unique project to help them master the basics of accounting: They are playing Monopoly. Though the game is usually played for fun, this game of Monopoly in particular has benefits beyond entertainment.

The game deals with money and making financial decisions, so it lends itself to teaching the students how to journalize. This is the name for the process of recording transactions such as an accountant would for any business.

“It’s an informative and educational way to introduce the concepts while still incorporating the fun parts which everyone likes,” added Mackenzie Dowling, junior.

The students track every transaction in accounting journal pages. They record things like the sale of properties and the revenue collected from “Passing GO” or when other players land on a property.

“It is a very fun and helpful way to learn the basics of accounting,” said Kaylee Fike, senior. “It’s an interesting way to consider what the everyday tasks of an accountant look like.”


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