The beginning of something new, enjoying high school one day at a time

The beginning of something new, enjoying high school one day at a time

When I started my senior year of high school, I was told that I had to begin applying to colleges. So, I sat down in early September with my mom to fill out all the applications. When I finally had everything submitted, I expected a weight to be lifted off my shoulders. However, I didn’t experience that.

I was filled with stress and anxiety instead. I started to overwhelm myself with thoughts of my future and whether I would get accepted into college in the first place. Of course, everyone assured me that I would, especially my mother. So, then I had to begin the waiting process.

Within the first week of waiting, I received an acceptance letter from Bloomsburg University in the mail. When I received the news, I was happy I suppose, but not excited. You know how in movies and on television a high school student rips open a college letter, sees that they were accepted, and then jumps up and down with joy? Yeah, well I didn’t react that way.

I waited five more weeks until I finally heard back from my top two colleges. I opened my email one day and saw an email from the University of Pittsburgh. I clicked on it thinking it was just another email telling me how great their school was. When I opened it, there was a video for me to click on, which confused me at first. To my surprise, I was met with the word “ACCEPTED.”

Compared to my first acceptance, I was very excited yet I felt like I needed to be happier. My whole high school career was focused on preparing for life after school, particularly college. I spent three years imagining the moment of my college acceptance, so why wasn’t I filled with overwhelming joy and excitement? I felt there was something wrong with me.

The day after being accepted into my top choice, I was accepted into my second-choice school, Chatham University. Having two acceptances in one week was overwhelming, but still not in a blissful way. I think reality hit me for the first time. I started to realize I was not going to be in high school forever. This wasn’t news to me, but I never fully thought about it.

I’m excited to move on to more opportunities in college, but that means that I will have to say goodbye to an important part of my life. It’s like I’ve been racing to the finish line and I finally made it, only to realize I don’t want the race to be over yet.

I don’t want to have to think about student loans and having to make new friends. I’m content where my life is right now. So, instead of waiting impatiently for this year to be over, I’m going to try to enjoy all of my remaining high school moments before I have to move on.


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