Holiday concert

Every December, Williamsport Area High School holds one of the most anticipated concerts of the school year. The annual holiday concert, more familiarly known as the Holiday Hoo-Ha, is very important to students, teachers and the Williamsport community. The choir, band and orchestra put together an array of holiday-themed music, ranging from classic holiday tunes to more contemporary pieces. This year’s concert will take place at 3 p.m. Dec. 15 and it will mark the 30th anniversary of the concert at Williamsport Area High School.

“Being able to interact with all of the other choral groups, and being able to come together and make cheerful and joyous music is so fun,” said Nevaeh Williams, junior.

The holiday concert is something enjoyed by everyone, but specifically the students. Typically, the music students are separated into ensembles or grade-level groups. These musical groups all hold individual concerts throughout the school year that last about 30 minutes each. This performance, however, lasts over an hour and is will broadcast on television.

For this concert, students will come together for the performance which is part of what makes it so entertaining. For example, all choir students combine to sing a handful of well-known carols. Similarly, all orchestral groups will practice and perform the same three pieces for the event. The same applies for band students as well. Then, as a finale, all members of the music department combine to perform a final number.

The amount of anticipation that comes with the Holiday Hoo-Ha is remarkable, and the awareness doesn’t go unnoticed. The students are grateful for the recognition they receive for being a part of this concert. It makes them happy knowing their audience genuinely enjoys the hard work and commitment they put into this project.

“We work hard to make this concert entertaining, and it’s reassuring to know that that’s exactly what people get out of it,” said Zoe Wagner, senior.

The holiday concert has been performed for 30 years on the hill, and I’m sure many people hope to see it continue for 30 more.


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