‘Thankful is all year not just the holidays’

HUNTTER WOLFE Wolfe is a second grade student at Jackson Primary School.

I am thankful and blessed this holiday season for my family, for my church family and my freedom.

I have two brothers and two sisters, all younger than me. We play with each other on the trampoline, we go for family walks in the woods, I ride my four-wheeler. I am thankful for food to eat, a home, clothes to wear and toys to play with.

I feel sad because there are some children that do not have all those things.

I am thankful for my church family at Williamsport Christian Church at Cogan Station for letting me help volunteer with my Pappy to help those less fortunate once a month with fresh express food distribution and toys and clothing to help people this holiday season. I have learned to be thankful is all year not just the holidays.

I am very happy to have the gift of my freedom, to be able to make choices. My Pappy and Poppy and Nina tell me stories of people that do not have choices or freedom to go to church or school.

I watch the news and hear of bad things that happen to other people far away. It is sad that those people do not know what a thankful feeling it is to be an American. The people that are in the military sometimes have to go away for a long time to fight for our freedom, and sometimes that person gets hurt while being away for our freedom. I am thankful and happy to be a part of a military family and the freedom I have.

— Wolfe is a second grade student at Jackson Primary School.


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