Elementary students enjoy school, recess and new playground

I love SJNRA for many reasons. Some schools don’t get to learn about God and I know a lot about God from SJNRA. We get to have a religion book and every day we use it to learn about God. We have a Jesse tree that we made ornaments from stories from the Bible. I learned that Jesus died on the cross to save us from sin and that God promised Abraham that he would have as many kids as the stars in the sky.

My school has a playground that has monkey bars, a praying rosary garden and slides. When I first saw it, I was so happy. I helped plant some of the trees by digging and the Penn College students helped plant them too. I love to play tag on the playground. It is a great place!

— Brooklyn Clabaugh, third grade

I am glad that I go to SJNRA because I learn about God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. We learn that God created us and Jesus died on the cross for us. We also learn that the Holy Spirit asked Mary to be the mother of Jesus and Mary said “yes.”

Another reason that I am glad that I go to SJNRA is because we have a playground. I like the playground because we can play on the monkey bars and the slide is fun too.

— Kaydance Meixel, third grade

It is fun to learn about math and science. I like to make friends with my classmates. I like to do the handwriting lessons.

I love being able to play football at recess. Gym is my favorite subject. I really think St. John Neumann Regional Academy makes me feel like a champion.

— Noah Dawes, second grade


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