Lycoming’s annual Strauser Lecture to feature a crime scene investigator

Crime scene investigator Darvin Harrell, with the city of Aurora, Colorado, will be the next guest speaker of Lycoming College’s annual Strauser Lecture Series. “C-16: A Forensic Prospective” will be at 4 p.m. March 30 in the Trogner Presentation Room, Krapf Gateway Center. This event is free and open to the public.

Harrell will focus on his experiences as a crime scene investigator in the Aurora Crime Lab, including his work on the Century 16 Theater mass shooting of 2012.

Throughout his 20-year tenure in the lab, Harrell has worked on thousands of cases, ranging from burglaries to homicides, performing tasks such as photographing crime scenes, fingerprinting items, using chemicals to discover further evidence, and identifying different types of evidence.

Harrell graduated in 1993 from South Dakota State University with a bachelor’s degree in microbiology and a minor in chemistry. In addition to working as a crime scene investigator, he is also endorsed as an expert witness for testifying in the Federal and local court systems for crime scene processing, fingerprinting, fingerprint processing, gunshot residue and DNA collection.

“Darvin brings to life both the logistics and psychological toll of processing a complicated crime scene,” said Julie Yingling, assistant professor of criminal justice at Lycoming College.

With the annual Strauser Lecture Series, Lycoming honors the legacy of Professor Larry R. Strauser, who began the criminal justice major at Lycoming College in 1975. He envisioned a unique interdisciplinary curriculum at a liberal arts college that would contribute to the reformation of the criminal justice system. Under Strauser’s direction, the program grew, and today many alumni have gone on to successful criminal justice careers.

The Strauser Lecture highlights the work of criminal justice practitioners and researchers who are dedicated to improving criminal justice practice and policy.


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