Neumann Pride

I love SJNRA because...

My school is different because we learn about God. We go to mass every Wednesday. We learn a lot and we also have lots of fun. Sometimes when it’s the end of the day, I never want to go home. We have lots of fun activities. I hope I’m not bragging, but it’s super true. Like they say, learning can always be fun at school. I don’t think anyone says that but me.

My school is all about PRIDE and kindness. Our PRIDE stands for:

P is for Perseverance

R is for Respect

I is for Independence

D is for Determination

E is for Excellence

And that is what our PRIDE stands for. I love this school!

— Alivia Shadd, fifth grade

“Good morning.” Do you hear that? Prayer is starting.

We pray every day in the morning. St. John Neumann Regional Academy is special because it’s a Catholic school, there are small class sizes and we do fun things.

We go to a Catholic school. We learn about faith and how to have a special relationship with God. Our school has religion and it is fun. I know God loves me and you should know too. Also at our school, everyone is nice.

You make friendships that will last a long time and travel together in a group. If you went to a non-Catholic school, you could get separated from your friends. In our small class, it is quiet. It will be easier to be friends with everyone. You won’t be squished together with the desks.

— Haylee Meixel, fourth grade

Did you know that children in Guatemala only get three hours of school each day? We are lucky that we get seven hours of school. St. John Neumann is special because we have a lot of fun days and we learn about God.

I like St. John Neumann because it is a fun school. It is fun because we have field day. Field day is when we race each other and have a lot of fun.

I also like religion. One reason I like it is that we are able to read about the Old and New Testaments. In religion, we are able to have a moment with Jesus. I feel closer to Jesus when we do it.

— Margaret Lundy, fourth grade

At SJNRA, I get ready to start the day with an eraser, pencil, paper and books. At lunch, I grab my lunch box and sometimes my coat. This is a day at St. John Neumann.

St. John Neumann is special because we’re a Catholic school and the teachers are nice.

We learn about God in religion class and at mass. In religion, we talk about God and our faith because we’re a Catholic school. In religion class, we also learn about stories from the New Testament and the Old Testament.

My friends are very nice and the teachers are too!

— Brecken Gusick, fourth grade

I like math because it helps me to connect it to life. I like writing. I like to learn about all the different classes. I like the teachers. I like my friends. St. John Neumann makes me feel special.

— Tommy Reid, second grade

I like math in school a lot. I play with my friends in basketball. I love schoolwork so much. I love hand writing. I like science a lot. I love St. John Neumann Regional Academy because it gives me confidence.

— Braiden Gusick, second grade


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