Pep rally gets students pumped up

Catholic Schools Week

During the last week of January, different leaders came and spoke to us such as Judge Marc Lovecchio and Father John Victoria. Lovecchio talked about how we should treat others and Father Victoria talked to us about listening to God’s call. Later in the week, we participated in fun activities such as tug-of-war, dodge ball and much more.

I liked it when the kids came to visit from the elementary school. The high school students helped them with activities in the classrooms. The school also held an all-academy mass and after that there was a pep rally. We got to cheer on the girls’ and boys’ high school basketball teams. Later in the week, on Friday, there was the Neumann Olympics. The Neumann Olympics is a big contest with mini-games. One of my favorite events in the Neumann Olympics is dodge ball. All of the games were so much fun.

I am surprised that my seventh-grade class got fourth place! Catholic Schools Week was amazing and I look forward to it every year.


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