SJNRA activities and community bring students together

Catholic Schools Week

From inspiring speeches from leaders in our community to dunking contests at the pep rally, St. John Neumann’s Catholic Schools Week had exciting activities, creating jovial memories with students across the campus during the last week of January. We also learned about our faith and taking initiative. This week is one of our amazing events within our campus and I am glad I got to be a part of it.

The pep rally was an amazing event to show our school spirit as we got ready for the eagerly anticipated Neumann varsity game against Sullivan County. It was truly amazing and so entertaining to see both the junior varsity and varsity basketball teams’ entrances and them hyping up our fellow peers.

The teachers joined in the fun as well! It was so amusing to watch our teachers get wrapped up in toilet paper by the elementary students and to see which student could wrap one of the teachers the fastest. It was extremely funny to see some of the basketball players and Coach Clark getting hit in the face with whipped cream pies by some of the students. The pep rally was definitely an entertaining event to celebrate our school’s basketball teams and to have a great time with our friends. It was a nice way to celebrate the great work that our basketball team has been accomplishing lately and to celebrate our school as a whole.

The best event out of the whole week, in my opinion, was definitely the Neumann Olympics. In our school’s culture, the Neumann Olympics is one of the most anticipated events out of the whole school year. Since I am in seventh grade, our team’s color was red and we were extremely excited mainly because we felt like we were going to win this year. Just a heads up — we did not win.

The first event was the Scooter Relay which started off pretty easily but sadly the eighth graders were one step ahead of us. However, there were many fun activities waiting for us. We participated in activities such as basketball, Chariot race, Magic Carpet and dodge ball — which some of the teachers ended up “crashing.”

I think one of my favorite events from the Neumann Olympics was definitely tug-of-war because we were expecting to lose against the eighth graders since we are much smaller than them and they had a bigger team. Yet we ended up beating them two times in a row, which was definitely shocking for us, the eighth graders and everyone else watching. We ended Neumann Olympics with the juniors winning — although I want to be a good sport, I personally think that either the freshmen or seventh-grade students should have won, but that is just on me.


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