Honoring healthcare workers, bugs stop by and pet DIYs

A student's story

In the home, people come together. Whether that be a community honoring healthcare workers, bugs flying by to say hi or spending more time with your pets while in quarantine.

Round of applause

In a recent England interview, the children reported that every Thursday at 8 p.m. people go outside their houses and applaud the brave healthcare workers who risk their lives every day so we can stay safe. Here, at The Outsider headquarters, we support our local healthcare workers, as they are real heros in this pandemic.

Bug invasion

Ah, the beauty of spring: Bird song in the air and flowers peeking their heads out of the soil. But spring also brings a series of unwanted pests: Bugs!

Lately, we have been finding an estimated amount of five ladybugs per day in our house, everywhere from our bathrooms to our kitchen. Because of this, we’ve been forced to place a container at the top of the stairs so that we can put any ladybugs we might find in it to be set free outside.

Also, quite a few flies have been congregating on our outdoor walls, which can be very annoying.

So, even though spring is beautiful, it still has its complications.

Pet enrichment

Is your cat just lazying around? Well, my cat was, too, but with a simple DIY made from household materials, he sleeps just slightly less now.

Here are three simple DIYs to get your cat off its bum.

1. You will need scissors, a plastic water bottle and treats. First, cut one to three holes out of one side of the bottle — the smaller the hole the harder it is. Next, unscrew the top of the bottle and place a few treats inside. Screw the cap back on and place the bottle hole-side-up in front of your cat. To get the treats out, your cat will have to roll the bottle.

2. You will need an empty coffee can and treats. First, wash out the can. Then place a few treats inside. To get them out, your cat can stick its head inside or use its paw to drag them out.

3. You will need an empty tissue box and treats. First, rip out the plastic lining around the opening. Next, place some treats inside. To get them out, your cat can put its head in the box or use its paws.

We hope your cats have fun with their new toys! You may also try these DIYs with a dog, but we haven’t tested these on anything but a cat.


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