TeenCentral, a ‘safe space’ for youth

TeenCentral, a ‘safe space’ for youth

Fears about fitting in at a new school, concern about parents heading for divorce, questions and doubts about relationships and sexuality. Since 1998, these issues and many more have been raised with the team at TeenCentral.com, a therapeutic support service by KidsPeace.

With COVID-19, KidsPeace is devoting more resources to TeenCentral.com to provide support for young people as they deal with the pressure and stress caused by the global pandemic, said a news release. The website is free, anonymous and confidential.

“So many of our kids don’t have their friends or social support available to them, with social distancing and school closures as a result of COVID-19. We want these young people to know there’s a place with people who want to help them with the stress and emotions they’re feeling as they work on getting through this crisis,” said Michael Slack, KidsPeace president and CEO.

TeenCentral offers teens and young people a “safe space” to ask questions about mental health and coping strategies. Visitors can submit a question, describe issues in their lives and get a real answer from a trained clinical professional posted within 24 hours.

All stories and therapeutic responses submitted over the past several months can be viewed online. TeenCentral also offers information on a range of subjects — anxiety, depression, relationships, spirituality — and a collection of self-help resources and tools to help visitors practice good mental and emotional health.


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