Class of 2020 student speakers: ‘Success is the only option’

To say the least, this moment, that we are all at right now, is bittersweet. I say that, not because all of you have mixed emotions about moving on from this chapter, but because some are extremely sad, and some can’t wait until this commencement is over. We all are different people, with different feelings, but this I can guarantee, we are the Class of 2020, the class with a vision, a united class. …

I am so proud to be graduating from a district with amazing staff, people who have nurtured us, the Class of 2020, ever since we were too young to even know what graduation was. … We are Stock Market Game Champions, we are three-sport athletes, we are performing and visual artists, we are scholars, but most importantly, we are friends. …

Some of us will be shipping off to basic training, and serving to protect our beautiful nation, and I thank them for that. Others, along with myself, will be spending the next years of our lives furthering our education, to pursue degrees in fields we are passionate about. A group of us will be entering the workforce, doing the jobs many generations today look over, and for that I am grateful. Lastly, some of us don’t know what they truly want yet, and that is okay too.

But we all have one thing in common, one place we all came from, and no matter how far you go, I ask all of us to do one thing: Never forget where we came from. Please, never forget that you graduated from the Class of 2020 at Montgomery Area Senior High School.

As we travel through the world, through the rest of our lives, as we get knocked down again and again, as we fail, as we lose and we get back up, there’s one thing I will always remember, and I want you to take with you. Mr. Flick once said to me, “success is the only option.”

That hit home hard for me, and I want you to think about that for a second. We will fail, we will lose and we will get knocked down, but we always will get back up. It’s happened to us several times in school, and look at where we are: We are graduating. We did it!

So when you do get thrown a curveball by life, such as this global pandemic we are in the midst of, remember this, “success is the only option,” and keep fighting, keep working until you achieve success.

Don’t sell yourself short, don’t compromise for any less, until you succeed. …


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