Class of 2020 student speakers: ‘The best thing about the school on the hill’

These four years we spent together on the hill prepared us the most for our adult lives. Our big school doesn’t only have the jocks, the theater nerds and the artsy kids.

We have students who play a varsity sport, participate in the musical or play and take a culinary class, all while also being an officer on the executive board. This is possible because of the amazing opportunities we are given.

In a matter of minutes you can go from playing in the orchestra, to learning how to fix a car. You can go from construction class to learning about the medical field in health professions. We have just about everything a student could be interested in.

The best thing about the school on the hill is that there is always somewhere to fit in here between our programs, clubs, sports and CTE classes. … This is one of the many reasons why I am proud to be a Millionaire. …

Growing up in a big school has opened my eyes and taught me how to love everyone even when they don’t look or think like me. Having students from every background with every possible different belief is such a positive thing.

Every single day I got to hear different viewpoints and listen to people argue about politics. I got to voice my own opinion while others got to voice theirs.

It didn’t take us going to a big college to open our eyes about all the different kinds of people out there, we got to experience that right in our own high school as young as ninth grade. This opened all of our hearts to accept everyone. …

It felt like we were just sitting in Mr. Decker’s ninth grade English class, and then all of a sudden we were submitting our senior quotes. …

We will be saving and changing lives in more ways than one. Many of us are going into the medical field, the military or even into education to learn to inspire others just as our teachers did for us here.

Most classes can say that high school alone has taught them something valuable, but I think our class is unique in that the shortage of high school during our senior year has taught some of us more than we could have ever learned just sitting at a desk.

We can now handle situations that we never would have imagined. We can now make the most of every situation that comes our way. We can now go and change the world by inspiring others. …


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