Class of 2020 student speakers: ‘We keep dancing’

High school was hard. I know that may not be an earth-shattering realization to anyone who has experienced it first hand, however, I think it bears repeating.

High school was hard.

For years we were pushed by our parents, our teachers and by ourselves to be the best that we could be. With every test and every essay, we felt there couldn’t possibly be an end to it all. …

For most seniors there is a natural progression to winding down formal education: Prom, senior trips, hugging favorite teachers and saying goodbye to favorite fish in Mr. Flint’s fish tank. However, not much about our senior year has been normal. Instead of this progression that classes before us have been gifted, we have been gifted with regret.

Regret that we could have done things differently. Regret that we didn’t hold on to those happy moments for just a second longer than we did. … The past few months have felt like a storm, and every one of these regrets felt like rain coming down harder.

However, rain isn’t always a bad thing. It promotes growth. It cleanses and allows us to slow down and take in the world around us. …

Our class has become experts at dancing in the rain. We were born into a time where our entire country was in need of healing, and we are concluding our childhood in the eye of a pandemic.

Through all of that, our class still stands here together as soon-to-be graduated seniors.

Our generation has grown up through a storm, so we won’t run when a little more rain comes our way. We will dance like we have had to for years. …

With confidence, with grace, with all our missteps and struggles, we keep dancing. Nobody ever taught us the steps, and each of us moves to the beat of our own drum, however, we all find a rhythm that works for us, and we dance.

Although we made it through high school, the next step for us will also be hard. … But life is going to be hard. Though challenges will be in our future, we cannot forget the struggles we have already overcome. We will reflect on the moments that had the hardest rainfall in our lives, and we’ll weather that storm. …

Move forward and seek your greatness, knowing that you have survived 100 percent of the storms you were put through.

We all have our lessons that we feel have defined us. Those moments were dance lessons that helped us grow into the dancers we were meant to be. No matter the challenge we are faced with, we can lean on our time as Millionaires and weather any storm, too. …


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