Class of 2020 student speakers: ‘We stick together’

First of all, I would like to thank Bishop Bambera, Mrs. McNamee, Mrs. McPherson and all the rest of the faculty for putting this celebration together. We have an opportunity that other schools do not have and we are so grateful for your efforts in making this celebration possible.

To our families and friends, thank you for supporting our class and pushing us to be the best we could be. I know we would not have made it to this ceremony if it were not for your strong foundation and persistent support of us.

To be honest, after they announced that we were not going back to school, I thought I got lucky in not having to write this speech and speak publicly. But I’m so happy we could get together one last time.

Like Mrs. McNamee preaches, our class is literally a family. We have 13 children and we run from parent to parent every 50 minutes to learn something new. We see each other for about seven hours a day, for half the year. We eat lunch together. We have conversations about life. We share laughs. We learn how to cooperate with each other and utilize our abilities. But most importantly, we create memories that will forever be encrypted in our minds. Since we spend that significant amount of time together, we definitely have our good moments and our bad moments.

Whether it was not being able to wear green for Neumann Olympics because we were obsessed with “Shrek” or starting a random round of applause that included the whole cafeteria during lunch, we never fell short of being amazing.

Viktoria basically ran the church choir and drama club. Dom and the smell of his coffee brewing in the commons every Thursday morning never failed to put a smile on my face. Kyle and Enzo’s not-so-serious arguments were the best to listen to. Solomon and Ben’s shenanigans in graphic design always provided a good laugh. Maria Johnson-Davis’s laugh and smile are so contagious and light up any room. Maria Helminiak would help me with any homework I had, and we could have a conversation about anything. Jacob and I would check our graded homeworks for math to see if we got the same answers. And Malaki, Naaman and Forman became my best friends and that will never change. These moments and all of our different qualities are what makes this class a family.

We lost nearly half of our last year together, but I think it only brought us closer together. We wanted to be together because we realized how much we missed each other, how weird it was to not see our closest friends every day, and how important it is to show one another how much we appreciate them.

We are very contrasting but fit together like … a puzzle. We know each other’s tendencies. What we like, what we don’t like, and we push each other to greatness. And like all strong families, we stick together through anything.

In the future, I know all of my brothers and sisters in this family will be successful in whatever they choose to do. Our parents prepared us well and we can always come back for their guidance. Although we will be going our separate ways to start our own lives, I know you will always be there for me and I will always be there for you.


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