Class of 2020 student speakers: ‘Let us all imagine our senior year’

I am going to walk you through what our senior year was supposed to be. I am going to remind all of you why we, the Class of 2020, will actively embody the words of Vivian Greene. “Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass, but learning to dance in the rain.”

Let us all imagine our senior year the way we wanted it to be. …

It’s Friday, March 13th. You leave school when the bell rings at 2:25 p.m., hopping on a yellow bus or into your trusty car, trying your best to get out of A Lot before the crowds beat you to it. It feels like spring — it’s windy but the skies are blue and the grass is beginning to turn green.

It’s the first Friday of track season, and the Without-A-Cue kids are down in the black box theater, preparing for that night’s show. The next week breezes by, like they always do, and on Friday night, we fill the auditorium and watch as our friends take the stage one last time to put on an amazing performance of “Beauty and the Beast.”

Imagine: April speeds by, filled with sunny track meets, sweet prom-posals and an epic baseball season. The college decisions start flowing in, and the walls of the hub are covered per tradition. We find out that our classmates are headed in many directions, from college in Arizona, to Florida, to Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, State College, even right here in Williamsport, some bravely entering the military to pursue aviation technology or military intelligence. …

In the weeks that follow, we realize that all good things do indeed come to an end. We take our final AP exams, we have our last, bittersweet PopTastik concert, we walk around Hutch’s beloved Psych Fair one last time. We attend our Top Hat Dinner, getting time to chat with our favorite teachers and gain some much-needed advice. We make plans for senior week, have our “first” Senior Skip Day… we even travel back to third grade, jumping around in bouncy houses at our senior picnic. And of course, on our official last day of school, we hold in the unsettling emotions, we take mental images of the halls we have made our home. …

Although our senior year may have ended much differently than we ever expected, we can not waste our time waiting for this storm to pass. As we reflect on our lives as students in Williamsport Area School District, we should be grateful to have spent 13 years surrounded by teachers and staff who molded our morals and our dreams, to have been surrounded by other young people whom we will carry with us as we migrate and mature.

I want you to know that your grief is not solitary. Even though many of us have put up a facade, we all feel these feelings, all of us long for the moments, for the memories, for the feelings we missed out on.

But now, we must hold onto the milestones that we did experience, paint those pictures in our minds, let the colors be bright and vibrant and comforting.

Let’s move on to the rest of our lives with the memories beautiful. Let’s keep our imagination alive. Let’s continue dancing in the rain.


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