Do we reopen? A student’s quarantine question

A student's quarantine question

Everyone is worried about this worldwide virus. None of us have gone through this before. It’s all new: Quarantine, social distancing, masks. Of course, we all are eager to reopen local shops, stores, restaurants, etc., because no one likes staying at home all day.

Personally, I finish my online schooling within an hour, so I have the rest of the day to do nothing mandatory. What do I do?

This is relatable for a lot of people, and it’s pretty obvious that we all want to go outside and have a party or go shopping with friends. However, I believe the economy’s reopening will likely spark another wave of the pandemic. Therefore, I think businesses should not reopen this early. Our number one priority should be our personal health and the health of people around us and opening up local businesses would risk that all.

With the onslaught of a harmful children’s sickness, Pediatric Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome, possibly linked to coronavirus, we are also putting kids in danger by opening public businesses. I wouldn’t want to get it. No child would want to get sick. Think of toddlers and newborns. They don’t know right or wrong, and they don’t have a clue of what’s going on, so it’s a parent’s job to protect them.

A viral video in Japan, “Black Light Experiment Shows How Quickly A Virus Like COVID-19 Can Spread at a Restaurant” details an experiment conducted by the public broadcasting organization NHK in conjunction with health experts. The video demonstrates how quickly this virus can spread in restaurants once we open up. The experiment showed that one table can probably infect many other people around you very quickly.

Imagine a little kid in a restaurant touching all of the plates and silverware then touching his/her face.

That’s a really fast way to get sick. Why risk it? Everything here is just trial and error. We all really don’t know what we are doing 100 percent.

Will we ever get back to normal? Well, we’ll have to just wait and see.


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