Jersey Shore teacher gets nominated for Teacher of the Year

There are many teachers at JSASD, but one of them has shown her amazing ability to both teach and have her students enjoy it. Mrs. Brooke Menzen, ninth-grade ELA teacher has been nominated for the Pennsylvania Teacher of the Year award for her outstanding work in the classroom according to a news release. While teaching for only 10 years so far, she has already proved how amazing she is with her work to have this once in a lifetime opportunity. She has said herself that she doesn’t know why she specifically was selected, however, she has said that, “I do not know why I was specifically nominated; however, I would surmise it is because I am an effective, caring teacher who has made outstanding academic contributions to my students.” It’s truly amazing to know that we have such a great person here at the school giving her all to teach.

But what happens if she does win PA Teacher of the Year? As Mrs. Menzen has said, “If I win Pennsylvania Teacher of the Year for 2023, I would be speaking around the state about education. Additionally, I would go on to enter the National Teacher of the Year competition.” While it does seem like quite a lot of responsibility, it is also a big honor for any teacher to even be nominated, especially someone who you might even know.

According to the news release, she has expressed much gratitude to everyone who has supported and believed in her since she started her teaching career, so to have it all pay off for a moment like this is quite outstanding. In her own words, “I am very grateful to all of the people who’ve believed in me through the years.”


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