Local doctor honored for decades of service

PHOTO PROVIDED Dr. Jason Shu, center, is honored by the Pennsylvania Medical Society and the Lycoming County Medical Society President Dr. Quinn Kirk right, and former President Dr. Tim Heilmann, left.

The Pennsylvania Medical Society and the Lycoming County Medical Society recently honored Dr. Jason C. Shu for his decades of medical service faithfully performed in the traditional ideals of the medical profession.

The event was part of the Lycoming County Medical Society’s 167th Anniversary Celebration at the Williamsport Country Club.

“It’s been my blessing to serve this community,” Shu said. “Thank you for tonight’s wonderful memories. I am honored to be a part of the medical profession in the United States, China, and Taiwan for many years and to have advised the clinical and academic medical community. My wife, Dr. Grace Shu, and I raised our family here in northeastern Pennsylvania. My son John is an attorney, and my son Joel is a medical doctor. Also, some of the newborns that I delivered are here with us tonight, (and) they are also doing great things for our community.”

Shu also served as a Board Member of the Pennsylvania State Board of Medicine, and as a member of the U.S. National Health Service Advisory Council.


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