Schedule HIV testing online

AIDS Resource now offers an online option to schedule appointments for HIV, chlamydia and gonorrhea testing. Instead of calling, which can be incredibly nerve-racking, anyone can go to freetesting.as.me to schedule.

Scheduling an appointment only requires a few quick clicks. You pick whether to go to the Williamsport or State College office and then choose the day and available time. A discrete email confirmation is sent with options to cancel or reschedule the appointment if necessary.

It’s 2020; many millennials and people in Generation Z prefer to do most of their tasks online. Who doesn’t love online shopping, banking and ordering food using Door Dash? It’s sometimes easier to click a few buttons on your iPhone instead of talking to another human in-person or on the phone.

The staff at AIDS Resource are incredibly friendly and compassionate but if it’s your first time needing our services, you don’t know that. Admitting that an HIV or STI test is a necessary health measure can be scary and anxiety-inducing for countless individuals. The fear of the test results and the possibility of being judged can deter people from getting tested entirely.

There can be so much going through somebody’s mind if they have never been tested before. They may feel ashamed, frightened and incredibly anxious about it. If they are part of the transgender community, the nervousness increases because of the discrimination many trans folks have experienced in healthcare settings.

Instead of HIV and STIs being a taboo topic, we must change that conversation to erase the stigma that surrounds them. The possibility of being judged by family, friends and peers prevents people from seeking the medical care they need.

With HIV, it can be difficult to tell someone you are getting tested for HIV because of the deep-seated stigma that still plagues society. You never quite know how somebody will react after sharing that information with them.

Providing an online option empowers community members to take their health into their own hands. We hope being able to schedule a testing appointment on an electronic device will put more people at ease about getting tested.

AIDS Resource aims to have a welcoming environment for people of all genders, sexualities, races and religions. Every staff member tries to make each client and person getting tested feel respected and accepted while in our office.

Kindness and respect go a long way even in the briefest moments. If someone feels comfortable at our office, they are more likely to seek out our services in the future, which is beneficial for their health.

For more information about testing, please visit aidsresource.com. Appointments can still be made by phone at 570-322-8448, or you may visit our office during our walk-in testing days on Thursdays from 1 to 4 p.m.


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