Superstars fitness program carries on for those with diverse abilities

MUNCY-Superstars, a fitness program for individuals with diverse abilities at the East Lycoming YMCA, is going on the road from house to house to keep their individuals up, moving, drumming and smiling during the pandemic shutdown.

Founder Diana Logan, alongside her daughters, Erica and Amber, and a group of volunteers, ran the pro- gram all the way up until March 14 when they celebrated their 10-year anniversary before falling victim to the statewide shut down.

Logan then decided, if participants couldn’t gather for the program, she would take the program to them.

“One day I decided to call up one of the parents and see if I could bring the music and then can we have a dance party in the front yard?” she said.

She has started bringing the drumming equipment and music to the individuals’ homes and having them come outside, maintaining social distancing, and drum, groove and enjoy some company and their favorite songs.

She added that they are doing it once a week on Saturdays, much like they would normally do if the Y had not had to close for the time-being.

She visits the homes with Amber, who also happens to have a diverse ability.

“The purpose is to go even for a few minutes to just bring a smile to their face,” she said. “Isolation is hard for all of us, but particularly to those with diverse ability.”

She added that the pro- gram helps teach confidence and that she has seen immense growth in that atmosphere at this time during the dance parties.

She posts videos of the dance parties on Facebook for others to enjoy as well and is hoping to make it to as many individuals as she can, as they live all across the county.

“I know that, as important as the workout is, that the friendships that are being made are just as important. The best way to cheer them up is to go in person, keep the distance, play their favorite song and watch them express themselves,” she added. “That is pure joy. It’s been great fun.”


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