New DEP website provides data; 41 area drilling permits issued in May

As additional permits for gas drilling have been approved in central Pennsylvania by the state Department of Environmental Protection, the agency is introducing a website providing data ranging from air and water quality to municipal waste.

The site at data-padep-1.opendata.arcgis.com allows visitors to look at information on natural gas wells, impaired streams, maps, tables, charts and spreadsheets, according to DEP officials.

Included is information on hazardous waste, radiation, coal mining, streams and lakes, and public water supplies.

An interactive maps gallery can be used to locate oil and gas wells and scores of other sites throughout the state.

The data can be used as research tools and for agencies and individuals seeking information about the water, land and air and how they may be impacted.

The website is updated daily, according to officials.

Meanwhile, the month of May saw a number of permits approved for unconventional natural gas wells in the region.

DEP issued 12 permits in Lycoming County, including six to Inflection Energy for wells in Eldred, Hepburn and Upper Fairfield townships, according to the state agency.

Five permits were issued to Seneca Resources Corp. for wells in Gamble Township and a single permit to SWN Production Co. for a well in Jackson Township.

Seven permits were issued for wells in Tioga County.

They were: Swepi LP, two wells, Deerfield Township; EQT Production Co., three wells, Duncan Township; SWN Production Co., one well, Liberty Township; and Travis Peak Resources LLC, one well, Westfield Township.

DEP issued 22 permits in Bradford County, including 15 to Chief Oil and Gas in Overton and Leroy townships, and seven to Repsol in Pike Township.

Chief Oil & Gas was issued a permit for one well in Elkland Township, Sullivan County.


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