Well-Armed Woman Shooting chapter plans 1st meeting

MANSFIELD — The first meeting of The Well-Armed Woman Shooting Chapter, of Tioga County, will be at 6 p.m. Thursday at the Mill Cove Shooting Range in the Mill Cove Environmental Area at 3036 Mill Creek Road.

Marilyn Jones and Patricia Butts, both of Covington, are co-leaders of the Tioga County Chapter.

“Any woman who is 18 years old and older from any county and state and legally eligible to own a firearm is welcome to join our chapter,” said Jones. “Membership is not limited to women from Tioga County.”

The topic of discussion at this meeting is “Handguns and Basic Gun Handling.”

“We look forward to this first gathering of like-minded women and hope that others will come out and join us for an evening of shooting, food and fellowship.”

To participate in shooting activities, Jones said, a woman must become a member to be covered by The Well Armed Woman insurance. The fee to become a member is $50 per year.

Memberships can be taken at this week’s or other monthly meetings.

Chapter meetings and trainings for 2018 include:

• Monthly meetings on Thursdays,

• May 17– “Drawing from your holster,”

• June 14 — “Firearm Drills,”

• Sept. 20 — “Gun Care,”

• Oct. 18 — “Gun Storage, and

• A two-day training titled “Personal Protection Outside the Home” on June 30 and July 1.

Women who don’t own a firearm and are considering a purchase are welcome to contact Jones at 570-549-2794 or jones_mk@yahoo.com to learn more about trying different firearm calibers before making a purchase.

Carrie Lightfoot founded The Well Armed Woman Shooting Chapters Inc., a nonprofit 501 organization and is the owner of The Well Armed Woman LLC, the largest women’s concealed carry resource in the United States. She is a National Rifle Association and United States Concealed Carry Association certified instructor, author and speaker.

When Lightfoot began thinking about purchasing and carrying a gun, she realized that there was no single resource for a woman gun owner and shooter.

“I was frustrated and disappointed to discover that there were so few resources out there that provided straightforward and complete information and products geared specifically toward me as a woman gun owner in this male-driven industry,” she writes on her website.

For more information about her and The Well Armed Women, visit https://thewellarmedwoman.com.