Fee-based hunting site mulled by planning commission

A proposal for locating a fee-based hunting site in Muncy Township raised discussion among members of the Lycoming County Planning Commission during their regular monthly meeting Thursday night.

The precise location of the 54-acre contained hunting area was not disclosed, nor was the owner of the property.

Tom Krajewski, development services supervisor for county planning, said the site will be fenced in with hunting restricted to white tail deer.

“I think it’s a bad idea in a Country Side District,” board member James Dunn said.

He said he’d be more comfortable with perhaps archery hunting there.

Others had questions about the site’s setbacks from other properties.

“How close are homes?” board member Howard Fry asked.

“Some are kind of close,” Krajewski said.

He suggested that perhaps shooting lanes be required to prevent stray bullets from hitting nearby buildings or homes.

He noted that much of the site is surrounded by the land owner’s own properties.

Another question arose about whether Sunday hunting would be included at the site.

“There should be standards on fencing,” board member Brett Taylor said.

Krajewski said the Department of Agriculture imposes such regulations

Planning Commission Solicitor Michael Wiley said there are special conditions that can be included for the site.

After more discussion, it was agreed to form an ad hoc committee to further consider the matter.

Township officials could not be reached for comment for this story.


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