Tioga County firehouse hit by flames, heat

The Lawrenceville Fire Department and Ambulance along Route 15 in Tioga County suffered heavy damage at its station house and a fire engine sustained heat damage early Saturday evening, officials said.

“Our hearts are broken but we will rise from these ashes,” fire personnel said in a statement sent to the Sun-Gazette Sunday afternoon.

The fire at the station house on Mechanic Street remains under investigation with no cause listed, officers said.

Heavy flames and smoke were seen coming out of the roof of the building at 6 p.m. Saturday.

Two ambulances and a patrol truck were able to be spared, but an engine, while saved, sustained damage from the flames.

No serious injuries were reported. The department said it has replacement trucks and gear on loan.

The station house is within a few miles of the border with New York.

Fire personnel said they appreciated the surrounding fire companies’ aid.

For those who receive ambulance and fire services from volunteers at the station, contribution of donations may be sent directly to Lawrenceville Fire Department, PO Box 177, Lawrenceville, Pa. 16929.