D.C. man who threatened City Hall brought back to Williamsport

The Washington, D.C., man arrested last week for allegedly making numerous threatening telephone calls to city police at City Hall has been brought back here and jailed on no bail.

In one call, Kevin Bascomb, 34, claimed that “Williamsport police ‘killed’ his brother,” according to an affidavit filed by Agent Jason Bolt.

No other details were released about who was Bascomb’s brother or about his reported death.

During a 30-minute period on August 13, Bascomb allegedly made at least eight telephone calls to city police or to the bureau’s records division that were threatening in nature.

“I’m going to kill you pigs,” he stated, Bolt said, adding that Bascomb also allegedly threatened to bring a shotgun to City Hall.

Due to the nature of the threats, City Hall was on lockdown all day as well as for the first two hours the next morning until Bascomb was in police custody. He allegedly made the calls from Washington, D.C., Bolt said.

Bascomb has been charged with felony terroristic threats and illegal use of a cellphone.