Re-entry ceremony Sept. 6

The summer Re-entry Transition Ceremony will be at 11 a.m. Sept. 6 at the Community Theater League, it was announced by Michael Boughton, program director, at the Lycoming County Prison Board meeting Friday.

Following the ceremony, there will be an open house at Executive Plaza to celebrate the five-year anniversary of the program. Boughton said there will also be tours of the facility at the event.

Under personnel items, the board approved hiring Jacob Price as a relief correctional officer.

In his report to the board, Brad Shoemaker, Lycoming County Prison warden, shared that during July various members of the prison staff participated in taser training led by Joe DeFrancesco, training sargeant. A group of prison and pre-release center staff also participated in the third session of a multi-session supervisory training program.

Shoemaker detailed the statistics on the prison population for July. The average daily population for males in the prison was almost 213 and in the pre-release program, 76, for a total of almost 289. The peak population for the two was 299. The average daily population for females was around 31 at the prison and 24 in pre-release for a total of a little over 55. Last month’s peak population for women was 60.

Male prison capacity is 222 and pre-release is 105. For females, prison capacity is 34 and pre-release, 32.

Figures from July 2018 show that the total average daily population for males was 294 and females almost 58, very similar to this year’s data.

The next meeting of the Prison Board will be at 8:30 a.m. Sept. 13 at the Lycoming County Prison.