Inmate numbers sloped downward in latest report

Average daily Lycoming County Prison numbers for male and female prisoners showed an overall decrease from 344 to 340 between July and August.

Figures released during Friday’s county prison board meeting revealed the combined average daily male population for the jail and the Pre-Release Center was 285 for August, down from just under 289 the previous month.

For female inmates, the numbers dipped just slightly for both prison populations between the two months from 55.52 to 55.06.

Average daily in-home detentions for males increased between July and August from 39.65 to 42.13 but decreased for females from 16.29 to 12.13.

Nearly 18 percent of inmates are on psychotropic medications in the county prison system, according to figures.

Deputy Warden Christopher J. Ebner told the board the prison is looking to hire someone to help inmates with mental health issues.

The mental health forensic specialist will carry out such responsibilities as treatment plans for inmates, referrals for medication, suicide assessments and other duties.

“Every prison needs that type of person,” he said.

Ebner told the Sun-Gazette that inmates with mental health problems can only be expected to increase over time.

In personnel action, the board approved the hiring of Valorie Singleton as a full-time resident supervisor and Charles Young as a part-time driver. Both will serve the Pre-Release Center.

The next prison board meeting is set for 8:30 a.m. Friday, Oct. 11, at the Lycoming County Courthouse.