Judge orders homicide-related notes to be saved

Law enforcement agencies must save their notes in relation to the homicide charge of Noah Stroup, the alleged lookout in a deadly early-August robbery, following a judge’s ruling Tuesday.

“All law enforcement agencies who investigated the case shall retain all notes and writings to any extent that they relate to the homicide,” said Judge Marc Lovecchio, as a part of the motion. Notes for taped interviews must also be kept.

Edward Rymsza, defense attorney, who said those accounts should be treated as testimony, initiated the move.

“They made some contemporary notes, at this point I’m asking for them to be retained,” he said.

Whether or not they may be viewed by the defense is “an argument for another day,” he added.

Stroup was initially arrested in service to a bench warrant for an earlier robbery of Nittany Minit Mart, at 1450 E. Third St., on July 28.

“I’m not asking for separate notes for the separate robbery,” said Rymsza.

Kenneth A. Osokow, district attorney, said he couldn’t be sure if some documents hadn’t already been destroyed. Additionally, the U.S. Marshals aided in the case, however the judge ruled that they too must be saved.

When Stroup was arrested, Osokow said, “he made admissions to the murder.”

No further court dates involving Stroup have been filed.

Osokow is seeking the death penalty against Stroup’s alleged accomplice, I-Keem Fogan, who is charged with murder, with a status update scheduled for Oct. 28.


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