Alleged serial burglar held on all charges

A suspected serial burglar was held on all counts Wednesday after an alleged accomplice provided testimony.

Ronald R. Shoop Jr., 30, of Jersey Shore, is accused of burglarizing as many as six homes in October 2016, though the alleged co-conspirator said it could be more, according to testimony.

Police allege Shoop targeted homes in Anthony, Cascade, Gamble and Pine townships. He is charged with six counts of burglary, criminal trespass and receiving stolen property, and five counts of criminal mischief.

Advocating that Shoop was wrongfully jailed, the defense council, Attorney Trisha Jasper, filed for habeas corpus in order to review the charges brought forth in pre-trial. Judge Marc F. Lovecchio presided.

Wilbur Kramer Jr., who said he burglarized the homes with Shoop, testified against him. Kramer is scheduled to plead guilty on Oct. 25 before Judge Nancy L. Butts

“That’s Ron Shoop — that’s my cousin,” said Kramer, in identifying his alleged partner in crime.

Kramer was released from prison Oct. 3, 2016. A month later, he was back in jail. Police allege between Oct. 12 and 31, the two men went on a crime spree.

“Everything was random,” Kramer said. “We checked to see if anyone was home, and we took what we wanted.”

Shoop and he took turns entering homes and acting as look out, said Kramer, noting that they always wore camouflage.

The two men targeted money, gold and jewelry, though in contradiction to criminal complaints, Kramer said there were never any guns stolen.

“I didn’t see any guns — not ‘many,’ any,” he said.

Kramer repeatedly asked for all parties to be specific in their questions.

“This was a wide time frame with many burglaries,” he said. “I have no idea how many places we went to.”

After the burglaries, both Shoop and he went to a pawn shop in Hazelton to sell their ill-gotten gains.

A doorbell camera eventually captured Kramer’s face, leading to his arrest. For Shoop, only one burglary, which happened on Oct. 12, was captured on film.

Trooper Matthew Miller, a state police officer stationed at Montoursville since 2018, worked in the investigation and testified.

“I was handed a series of burglaries from October 2016,” he said.

Miller identified Shoop by his beard, facial structure, and stature in the Oct. 12 video.

In a search warrant carried out on Kramer’s residence, clothing both Kramer and Shoop wore, a cell phone was found coordinating the activities, and some of the stolen items, said Miller.

Additionally, the vehicle used in the video was Shoop’s then-girlfriend’s car.

Though the defense claimed a lack of physical evidence, Judge Lovecchio held Shoop on all charges.


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