School-aged girls accused of ‘terrorizing’ city woman

An elderly woman on Memorial Avenue feels trapped inside her home because she is being “terrorized” by a group of three school-aged girls.

“They have thrown rocks on my porch. They have torn up the fencing around my garden. They have knocked over chairs in my yard,” said the woman, who asked that her name not be published.

Just this past Saturday night, one of the girls attempted to force her way into the woman’s house, which is located in the 700 block of Memorial Avenue.

“I had to hold on to the door to prevent her from coming in,” the resident said.

The woman claims that the same three girls broke into her toolshed and tore up political signs in her front yard.

“I’m petrified. They are very aggressive,” she said of the girls who have been upsetting her for the last 10 days.

“I used to work at the Muncy prison (the state Correctional Institution at Muncy), and these girls are more aggressive than the people there,” she said, referring to the inmates.

The problem all started, she said, when she saw the three girls stealing three kittens off her porch on Sept. 28. She notified police and followed the girls in her car. She flagged down an officer, and the girls quickly handed the kittens back to her before they fled.

An officer said Tuesday night that police have responded to the woman’s calls on several occasions, and that the girls have been identified. Charges are pending against the three.


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