13 sentenced in Lycoming County

Thirteen people have been sentenced for various crimes in Lycoming County court.

Five people were sentenced to county prison. They are:

• Alicia M. Cradle, 24, of 647 Bieber St., Apartment No. 2, 94 days to 21 months and 50 hours of community service for delivery of a controlled substance.

• Anthony F. Benson, 58, of 325 Center St., Apartment No. 3, 42 days to 12 months and drug and alcohol assessment for disorderly conduct.

• Shane A. Hockenberry, 32, of Mill Hall, 15 days to six months and a mental health evaluation for unauthorized use of a vehicle. Fifteen days to six months in county prison for fleeing and evasion.

• Lionel J. Johnson, 27, of Elmont, New York, 45 days to three months for retail theft.

• Stephen D. Lewis, 25, of Bronx, New York, 45 days to three months for conspiracy to commit retail theft.

One person has been sentenced to intermediate punishment.

• Richard T. Kibbe Jr., 26, of 763 Beaverlake Road, Hughesville, 36 months, a $1,525 fine, drug and alcohol assessment, and DUI education for DUI and careless driving.

Seven people were sentenced to probation

• John B. Bumgarner, 131 W. Main St., Howard, 24 months, drug and alcohol assessment, and 25 hours of proactive activity for providing false information and possession of a controlled substance.

• Donna D. Meyer, 58, of 36 W. Walnut St., Apartment No. 2, Hughesville, 24 months, $1,457 in restitution, and an online theft class for retail theft.

• Keith A. Bennet, 43, of 612 Burke St., Jersey Shore, 12 months, $300 in restitution, anger management assessment, drug and alcohol assessment and 25 hours of community service for simple assault.

• Nicole M. Nixon, 38, of 1213 Packer St., 12 months, $210 in restitution for retail theft.

• Mariah Adrian, 22, of Lock Haven, 12 months, and 50 hours of community service for possession of drug paraphernalia.

• Jahsan A. Truitt, 26, of Philadelphia, 12 months and 25 hours of proactive activity for furnishing drug-free urine.

• Joseph N. Moore, 21, of 414 Sylvan Dell Road, South Williamsport, $150 fine for disorderly conduct.


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