Increased DUI enforcement planned

The Lycoming County DUI Task Force will be doing a multitude of DUI checkpoints and increased patrolling beginning now until the first of the year after trends of drinking and marijuana use before driving have been approaching with the Thanksgiving holiday next week.

“Dranksgiving” and “Blackout Wednesday” are said to be Nov. 27 through the holiday until Dec. 1 according to a press release. With these approaching trends, the force wants to use their enforcement to educate locals about the dangers of driving impaired and to ensure family and friends are arriving to holiday events sober and driving home safely.

“Don’t let your holiday be deadly,” Chief Joseph Hope, Lycoming County DUI Task Force coordinator, said in the release.

He added that if you are going to be drinking to find a ride to get home safely, ‘buzzed driving is drunk driving.”


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