Men accused of selling for drug ring, which allegedly used a minor

A city man’s charges related to his alleged involvement in a drug ring were held over for trial at his preliminary hearing Monday.

The same organized crime group running drugs also used a runaway teenager, said police.

Quran Haddih “Mugga” Geddy, 24, is charged with allegedly selling heroin to two confidential informants on four occasions between March and May along several locations on Louisa Street in the city and Arch Street in Newberry.

Darnell Steven Cotton, 25, whose case is joined with Geddy, allegedly worked with him to deliver drugs.

A Lycoming County Narcotics Enforcement agent testified to using an audio and video recording device to capture Geddy delivering the controlled substance on two dates, police said the other two were organized by Geddy.

While one of those occurrences was allegedly through Cotton, police said a minor who was known by police as a runaway also sold the illicit substance.

After being led to several locations by the calls, the confidential informant arrived in the 1700 block of Arch Street, where he met “three young black males.”

The informant “advised he was there for Mug,” said the agent.

The minor said, “You’re going to deal with me,” and made the deal, the agent said.

Geddy’s lawyer, Jeana A. Longo, asked that Judge Marc F. Lovecchio dismiss the charges where police said Geddy was not observed making the sale.

“The (confidential informant) met with another individual, not my client,” she said. “The agent can’t be convicted of the deal.”

Additionally, the court wasn’t provided any evidence that the phone conversations were used to set up a drug deal or Geddy was involved in corrupting the minor, said Longo.

Joseph Ruby, assistant district attorney, said the minor was eventually discovered with Geddy and Cotton.

“There is no other explanation where these people happen to be there to engage in a drug deal,” he said.

Though Lovecchio said the charges relating to the minor and Geddy’s alleged involvement in organizing the deals via cell phone were “somewhat suspicious,” the evidence was sufficient to hold him for court.

Geddy, who was released on $30,000 bail after it was reduced from $125,000, is on the March 17 pretrial list.

In September 2015, Geddy, along with Derek Hanton, of Philadelphia, were injured when an unknown gunman fired 20 shots in the area of Louisa and Center streets. Post-recovery, Geddy was arrested for possessing a handgun, violating his parole sentence garnered from separate drug convictions.


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