Tractor trailer hits bridge on Route 220

JERSEY SHORE — Tiadaghton regional police responded to a tractor trailer accident along Route 220 just passed the intersection of Route 287 around 10:30 a.m. Wednesday that resulted in both northbound lanes on 220 to be blocked off for over an hour.

Safety Officer Adam Kilpatrick, explained that the oversize load struck the railroad bridge overpass and the load was shifted, blocking traffic coming northbound.

“The oversize load struck the bridge on Route 220 at the Route 287 intersection,” he said. “The cargo hit the overpass. It shifted the load and blocked traffic.”

Motorists were instructed to take a detour using Route 44, the Main Street exit and Route 654 to travel northbound to the city.

“There was no debris on the road,” Kilpatrick added. “There were no injuries or hazards, just an obstruction of traffic.”

There are no other details at this time.


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